DKC Remixed

How to

You want to play DKC-Remixed, but you don´t know how. Here we go.

Step 1: Download the DKC-Remixed ips-file.

Step 2: Download a clean Donkey Kong Country rom. I can´t provide you a rom, so look for yourself. Just google, it shouldn´t be that hard to find one, because there are many sources in the internet. Important: The rom must be an US-release V1.0 (Donkey_Kong_Country_V1.0_U). Otherwise the patch maybe doesn´t work.

Step 3: Download Lunar IPS (LIPS).

Step 4: Download ZSNES (SNES-Emulator).

Step 5: Start Lips and click on Apply IPS Patch.

Step 6: First select the DKC Remixed.ips file and then the clean rom. After that your rom is patched.

Step 7: Start ZSNES and select the patched rom. Now you are playing DKC Remixed.


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