DKC Remixed

DKC-Remixed 0.2 released
03/01/2010, 04:21
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Go to the Download-Section to get the new patch 0.2 (You will need a new clean rom), which comes with the changelog. I also uploaded a savefile. Enjoy!


DKC-Remixed Promo #3
03/01/2010, 04:18
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Close Down =(
01/01/2010, 20:27
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Yep, I will finish this project, because it seems that after 2 youtube videos and 2 months nobody has serouisly interest in DKC-Remixed. As a happy end I will release a new video and a new patch with 4 new levels, which completely feel like new levels and some other slight changes. In addition I will upload a savefile so you don´t have to go all the way through the known levels again. There will be a changelog, so you can check the differences.
If somebody is out there, who says: “WTF? I want this hack make progress” I´m willing to do more in the hack, but at the moment I prefer to spend my energy on other projects. Thanks to my supporters, cause there weren´t really any supporters.