DKC Remixed

Say Winky
24/11/2009, 22:32
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Today I started to redesign the first level of the second world, Winky´s Walkway. In addition I will publish a second video to show you some content of the hacked levels in the BETA. So maybe the small clip can increase your interest in the hack.

Edit: Finished Winky ´s Walkway on 26.11.09


BETA released!!!
13/11/2009, 12:13
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Finally I present you the first release of DKC-Remixed. Go to the Download-Section, there you can get the ips file. I can´t give you a complete rom file, because in terms of copyright it isn´t allowed to spread roms, but I´ve made a “How-to” – tutorial. With it you shouldn´t have any problems to get your hands on the hack. In addition I created a “Bug Report” – Section, where you can point out bugs or other issues. Now enjoy DKC!

Kongo Jungle Mix Part 1
01/11/2009, 18:44
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