DKC Remixed

Liquid Problems
31/10/2009, 16:39
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I´ve just covered up that DKEdit can´t hack water levels like Coral Capers the way I want, so I decided to make only minor changes in this level in the first release.


Reptile Rrrrrrumble
27/10/2009, 14:11
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Finished Reptile Rumble. I skip the water level, because I´m too excited to work with barrels. Screenshots come soon.

Ropey Rampage finished
25/10/2009, 15:00
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Just finished the second level of Kongo Jungle.

Jungle Hijinxs REMIXED Video
24/10/2009, 12:57
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Jungle Hijinxs Remixed Screenshots
23/10/2009, 15:32
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DKC-Remixed just started
22/10/2009, 17:52
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I´ve just started making a hack of the popular SNES-Title Donkey Kong Country and I already finished the first level (Jungle Hijinxs). The main intention of my hack isn´t to create an overhard Kaizo-Version of the game, but I try to design the levels in such way that hardcore gamers and fans of the game find the hack interesting and enjoyable. So, I will release a Beta-Version when the first world is completed. Screenshots and videos will follow.